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Open Hot Food Display Case


With rounded side glass for 360° degree visibility of your products, the Open Display line has the same stylish appearance as the full line of SandenVendo Hot Food Displays. 

Increase impulse sales with our easy-to-grab hot food display cases.

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Ready to see our Open Displays in your store?

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Features & Benefits

Heating - All models come with both bottom and top down heat. The top down heat works from a combined infrared and Xenon heat lamp system, providing superior product temperature stability.

Flexible Temperature - The Open Displays are not restricted on temperature adjustment. Each shelf can be adjusted separately and can be set from low to high. This allows for a wide variety of products to be held in the same display.

Size - The 2-shelf models have the same height and side glass profile as our HFD, HFDC and HFDM. This allows for multiple models to be lined up side-by-side to serve both wrapped and unwrapped products.

Attractive Lighting - Xenon light bulbs create a well-lit product display for maximum customer appeal.

Shelf Configurations - Designed to be adjustable, the Open Display shelves can be positioned flat, or they can be tilted to a 7° degree angle with one simple adjustment. This feature eliminates the need to purchase multiple models for changing needs in marketing and product displays.

Divider Rods - All Open Displays come standard with divider rods to provide separation between products.


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