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Innovative Technology

We're putting you ahead of the curve with our top quality innovative products! SandenVendo brings you the latest technology, helping you achieve sustainable growth and profitability.

Preserve your profits

with Kuraban

> Preserves fresh foods without the need for potentially harmful chemicals

> Extends preservation, boosts amino acids, boosts sugar levels, and has an anti-bacterial effect

> Temperatures range between conventional coolers and freezers

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Eternal Vino

the last drop tastes as good as the first

> Prevents wine from reaching an oxidation state

> Preserves the wine for up to 11 months

> Opens the by-the-glass market for high-end wines.

beverages have never tasted so good

Lumilinna B

> Precise temperature control

> Holds beverages below freezing — without freezing them

> Holds up to 36 cans or 32 bottles*

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