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SandenVendo America is a diverse company of many sharing one common vision of its future. Simply put, we want to change the world by making products that enhance people’s way of life.  

Originally the Vendo Company founded in 1937, we take credit for shaping the modern-day vending industry with our model V43 “Red Top” vending machine. Today, we’re literally reshaping the landscape of the entire foodservice industry. 

We are exceptional at what we do- designing and manufacturing high quality, cutting-edge heated and refrigerated merchandising equipment that brings your products closer to your customers, and in such a way that makes it irresistible to them. 

Our motivation is matched only by our innovation. We have applied Nonthermal Electromagnetic Field Energy to cold food storage extending shelf life 10x’s beyond its expiration date. We are introducing real identity verification to vending in support of the everchanging products being dispensed. We are using the cloud and predictive AI to monitor, diagnose and service our equipment.

We’re SandenVendo America, and we are just getting started.

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