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Dear valued Customers and Stakeholders,



On March 22, 2020, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins issued an Amended Order requiring all citizens living in Dallas County to stay home and shelter at their place of residence as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. The Order further requires any business located within the county to cease operations unless defined as an essential business or part of the critical infrastructure of an essential business.

I’m proud to report that SandenVendo America is woven deep in the fabric of essential business’ critical infrastructure, and our facility will remain open to support our customer’s needs. Our dedicated employees are committed to supporting your ability to provide fresh food and beverages to the public during the extremely difficult time facing our nation and the world.


For your safety and the safety of our employees, we have implemented significant countermeasures and precautions to prevent the transmission of the Coronavirus Covid19, and we apologize in advance if the effect of these actions or difficulties in the supply chain cause any inconvenience.

In 1942 our company converted its production to manufacture items vital to the wartime effort.

In 2020 we find ourselves at war again but with an enemy we can’t see, and we are compelled to act. SandenVendo America has contacted FEMA, the Texas State Department of Health, and local hospitals to let them know we are standing by to convert manufacturing capacity to the production of items vital to fighting the Coronavirus pandemic.  


Please be safe and take the required precautions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19.







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