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What’s Driving the Industry Forward as the Nightclub and Bar Show Returns?

Updated: Nov 8

On this episode of Unwrapped: A Foodservice Podcast, brought to you by SandenVendo, as things returned to relative normality for the Nightclub & Bar Show 2021 in Las Vegas, the group discussed the show, how it kicks off a “what’s next” for the industry at-large, and how SandenVendo is innovating for the future of nightlife operations.

One of the industries hit hardest by COVID, nightclubs and bars are geared up for a summer of high demand, new consumer and industry standards, and digging out of a financial hole.

SandenVendo was on the floor with the rest of those in the industry. This event is huge symbolically for the industry, but also served as a leaping point into the post-COVID future. The show expected over 40,000 attendees, and it’s almost like it’s kicking off the recovery of the bar industry.

“This particular convention is critically important to the industry. First of all, we haven’t had any conferences or big meetings for the last year. Second, this is the show to show all the innovation and technology that’s going into restaurants and nightclubs. It’s really the who’s who in the industry.”

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