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Explaining Your Life in the Food Service Industry – With 280 Characters or Less

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

We love the food service industry – and chances are, if you're here, you do too. Whether you're a server, a chef, a restaurant owner, or a foodservice equipment supplier, you've likely experienced the wonderful yet sometimes slightly quirky culture within our industry.

It can seem tricky to explain the intricacies and overall vibe of the foodservice world to people who only interact with it as a diner. Social media is a great place to connect with fellow food service folks. You can also promote the industry to others – but what is the right way to go about discussing foodservice in 280 characters or less?

Marketing New Trends

One of the best things about the foodservice industry is its continual innovation. From unique culinary creations to new tech that can make those fantastic dishes possible, it's great to see people sharing new foodservice trends and advancements online.

Sharing posts about your restaurant's new menu items and unique dishes is a great way to both connect with other restaurateurs and bring in new diners. You may want to consider tweeting or posting about:

· Adding a new dish to your menu that is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, or people with a food allergy.

· Show off a video or photo of your chef’s latest unique creation – even if it was just a test and not going on the menu. Patrons and other foodservice folks will enjoy a look at the creative process.

· Conduct an informal twitter poll to choose a new name for your latest dish.

· Find out what patrons want to see on your menu through a quick contest – giving the winner a free drink or appetizer can help bring them in the door.

Realities of Foodservice Life

Sharing insights as to the ups and downs of foodservice life can help to connect you with professional colleagues and potential employees. It can also pique customers’ interest. Think about how popular foodservice focused shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Chopped are. Give your friends and followers a taste of what real-life foodservice life is like through your social media channel.

· Funny anecdotes about a kitchen incident or front-of-house mishap that you and others can learn from.

· Give a peek at your development process and share photos of several items you are considering adding to the menu. Was a new item a big hit? Let people know and drum up some buzz!

· Send one tweet a day in a series highlighting you and your colleagues’ or employees’ favorite foodservice moments.

· Create a series of tweets answering questions about what it’s like to work at your company or in the foodservice industry

· Share photos (with permission!) of staff with their favorite regular customers.

Remember – while customer interactions can provide some of the best and worst food service stories, remember to keep an overall positive tone and get explicit permission before sharing a photo, name, or other detail.

Share the Love

Once you get started sharing what it’s like working in your corner of the foodservice world, you'll find you make a whole array of new connections. They'll span from industry colleagues to new customers and clients. And remember – we're always your number one fan.

As your business continues to grow, turn to SandenVendo America for foodservice equipment solutions. To learn more about our new and innovative technologies, check out

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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