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COVID-19 Driving Touchless Tech in the Vending Industry

Vending machines are an essential part of the retail ecosystem. The industry continues to evolve with the help of technology, although sometimes at a slower pace. Touchless technology in the vending industry has been deployable for several years, but its adoption has been mostly non-existent.

The COVID-19 pandemic, a disruptor to the foodservice industry, is changing that. As consumers demand unattended retail experiences that don’t involve touch, vending machine operators are urgently seeking solutions.

How Touchless Vending Works

Vending machines already provide a self-service experience for consumers. Touchless is a natural extension. It’s also a re-application of eCommerce on a localized level.

Buyers use a smartphone to make an instant eCommerce transaction. They pay on their phone, then pick up the product from the drawer. There’s no direct interaction with the machine.

Touchless Vending Is Viable and Scalable

The implementation of touchless isn’t difficult. Around 80-90% of existing machines are ready to upgrade. For new models, touchless is native. The capability has been around for many years. Only now, with a worldwide virus that can remain active on surfaces, is it receiving the attention it receives. Operators can fully leverage this technology, and they should.

Even though most vending operators are experiencing sales declines, it’s still what most consider a future-proof industry. As commerce continues to evolve, vending will always have a place, mainly because of convenience and accessibility. The change is in consumer confidence.

Users have valid concerns and anxiety about touching equipment in public spaces. Providing a touchless application can put them at ease. They can continue to use this channel to make quick purchases.

The Touchless Revolution

COVID-19 will have lasting effects on the vending and foodservice industry. Deploying touchless is an effective solution and is likely to remain an attractive feature for consumers.

Through our partnership with Vagabond, a leading technology provider, we’re offering its vīv touchless payments platform. It’s an option for all new machines, as well as a retrofit for most of its products already in service.

vīv is more than just touchless technology. It has multiple features, including the ability to schedule dynamic pricing, manage routes with real-time transaction data and price to the penny. It’s a tool that operators can benefit from in many ways.

With this impressive technology and our innovative equipment, product manufacturers and operators have a new option for sustainability in an ever-changing market.

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