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2020 Vision: 5 Food Service Industry Trends You Need to Know

2020 has been a crazy year for restaurant businesses. 

With COVID-19 shutting down restaurants left and right, staying up-to-date with trends is more important to success now than ever. 

If you're ready to stay open and beat the competitors, there are food service trends you need to follow. 

Read on to learn about the top 5 food service industry trends of 2020.


1. Diet Inclusivity

Diets come and go, but catering to health-conscious consumers has proven to be a successful strategy for restaurants in recent years. 2020 is no different. 

Between GF consumers, vegan eaters, and customers with severe allergies, showing you care will increase sales. 

Just how do you do that?

Be straightforward with all of your customers regarding the ingredients and cooking processes for your meals. Make sure all of your staff are trained to handle questions regarding these processes honestly and with care. 

Restaurants going the extra mile have begun providing more options all around, as well as menus designated for certain diets.

2. Breakfast All Day

Ever since McDonald's first added all-day breakfast to their menu, more restaurants have started doing the same. In 2020, this food service trend has extended to small and high-end restaurants. 

People have different schedules, jobs, and lifestyles, and as a result, not everyone eats breakfast at the same time. 

By offering breakfast all-day you're offering a service that will bring more people through your doors. 

3. The Growth of Delivery

One of the most important food service industry trends of 2020 is the growth of delivery services.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, services like UberEats and BiteSquad were already on the rise. Now that people are social distancing, offering delivery services is key to your restaurant's long-term success. 

By offering delivery in-house instead of going through one of the popular apps, you can both save and make more money. 

Increase delivery sales with delivery incentives and by using eco-friendly to-go containers. 

4. New Technology: Tap-to-Pay

It seems like just yesterday that chip readers were the new fad. Now, tap-to-pay is all the rage. 

With tap-to-pay, customers don't need cards at all. Instead, they can pay with their phones as long as you have tap-to-pay devices.

Investing in this technology will benefit you too. With customers paying more quickly at their tables, servers will have faster table turnover. 

This is just one of the pieces of innovative restaurant equipment changing the game. 

5. Going Eco-Friendly

While some restaurants are boosting sales by offering healthy diets, others are upping the ante with eco-friendly processes. 

In 2020, consumers like to support establishments that support the Earth. Several cities have already banned the use of plastic straws. Get ahead and switch over to metal or grass straws now. 

You can also appeal to green consumers by eliminating plastic to-go bags and using reusable silverware. 

Boost Sales With These New Food Service Industry Trends 

If your restaurant is going to survive the year 2020, following food service industry trends is a must. 

Consider customers with unique diets and schedules and go eco-friendly to bring in a whole new customer base. Make eating out more convenient by staying on top of the latest technologies and offering delivery. 

If you make these changes, you'll be more than happy with the results. 

For more information regarding the shifting industry and how to stay ahead of the curb with the newest products, contact us today

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